Open Source Food Computer.

Getting Started

If you are a maker/hobbyist this is the perfect DIY project for you. Find all the necessary links and information to get started on this page.

NOTE: Before you get started, watch this 2 minute video to get an overview of the project.


  1. Assemble supplies
    Order parts from the Bill of Materials (BOM) 
    Verify you have all required tools on second tab of BOM, if you are missing any, order them.

  2. Machine parts into ready to assemble Prepared Parts
    Edit 12/17 – New Version: Prepared Parts Documentation

Be aware there are some inconsistencies between video and written documentation.
When in doubt: Follow the written documentation as it is updated to current BOM.

  1. Build Enclosure.
    Edit 12/17 – Old Version: Watch Enclosure Subassembly Video 
    Edit 12/17 – New Version: Enclosure Documentation

  2. Build Top Panel or “Brain” assembly.
    Edit 12/17 – Old Version: Watch “Brain” Subassembly Video
    Edit 12/17 – New Version: Brain Documentation 

  3. Build MVP Software Stack on SD card & Raspberry Pi
    Edit 1/18 – New Version: Software Documentation
    Edit 12/17 – New Version: Software Installation Guide on GitHub

  4. Complete Final Assembly
    Edit 12/17 – New Version: Final Assembly Documentation

  5. Germinate seeds in Rockwool, balance your PH, and get growing!
    Edit 12/17 – New Document: Operational Documentation

  6. Get involved on the forums, show us your build and ask questions.
    Edit 12/17 – New Document: Frequently Asked Questions 
    Edit 2/18 – New Link: MVP Wiki – Additional Help
    Edit 2/18 – New Link: MVP Wiki – Guide to Hacking the Software

Open Source Community
help forums

If you have any problems with the software install or want to learn more about growing, there is a community of people just like you eager to help. Click on the button below to access the forums. Also, you can always reach out to us via our “Contact” page.

Share Your Story

If you have previously built or are currently building this project, reach out to us and let us know. We always love seeing people join this open source farming community and would love to share your story on our social media accounts!

You can follow the link below to email us, or you can message us on any one of our social media accounts.