Our STEM curriculum is developed by experienced curriculum writers, and advised by robotics teachers and curriculum development specialized professors. This curriculum comes with our kit free of charge and is a good starting point to build off of; however, it is not necessary or mandatory to use our curriculum with these kits. We believe that teachers are the best people for creating custom lesson plans. 

Designed For Maximum Student Engagement

The best of both Project Based Learning and Gamification are harnessed to ensure students are learning while having fun. It’s our goal for students to look forward to MARSfarm time each week!

Skill Targets Every Lesson

Each lesson will be broken down into tasks that translate into real-life skills. Familiarization with command lines, Python coding, engineering design choices, and plant-heath diagnosis are a few of these.

Conforms to NGSS and State Standards

Next Generation Science Standards are an all-encompassing, multi-disciplinary approach to tying each branch of STEM education into one package that shows students how each relates to each other.

Encourages Career Vector Exploration Early

Each lesson concludes with each position in the project being outlined as a potential career path, allowing students to align work they enjoy with a career discipline far before they graduate.

Example of a lesson plan overview

provided with the kit