Growing Beyond Earth® – Growth Chamber Kit

$649.00 (Request a quote if tax exempt)


The Growing Beyond Earth® Growth Chamber Kit allows your students to learn by participating in real science, and growing plants like an astronaut! Growing Beyond Earth® is a program created by Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and sponsored by NASA. This program’s goal is to turn students around the country into citizen scientists. In addition, the data the students collect helps NASA choose what to grow next on the International Space Station! Purchase the Growth Chamber Kit today to join the program and Grow Beyond Earth!


  • Maximize student engagement with the opportunity to interact with NASA scientists and participate in real research
  • Tune the spectrum! Individually control the Red, Green, Blue, and White color intensity individually
  • Reflective “Two-Way Mirror” panels allow the plants to be visible, while not overwhelming the classroom with light
  • Hydroponics system prevents overwatering and improper fertilization
  • Quick start! Go from unpacking the box, to planting seeds in one class period
  • Choose from dozens of experiment combinations; mixing and matching seed type, nutrient type and quantity, and light spectrum
  • Includes Growing Beyond Earth® curriculum and programming, with MARSfarm support
  • Size of Growth Chamber: 16.5″L x 13″W x 18″H


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