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MARSfarm Greenhouses

MARSfarm Version 1 (MV.1)

Fairchild Garden Version 4 (FGV.4)

Greenhouse Specifications

Specifications MV.1 FGV.4
Max Growth Height 20” (herbs, leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, etc.) 14” (herbs, leafy greens, microgreens, model crops, etc.)
Environmental Monitoring Sensors Temperature, Humidity, and CO2 Temperature and Humidity
Environmental Control Increase temperature up to 90˚F (assuming ambient of 72˚F) None
Irrigation System - Capacity Pump and 2-gallon reservoir - refill every 14 days Wicking tray - refill every 3-7 days
Irrigation System - Automation Custom recipes to prescribe mL at any time of day None
Airflow Circulation and Exhaust Fans Circulation Fan
LED System 4 Spectrum LED (red, blue, white, far-red) - custom recipes 4 Spectrum LED (red, blue, green, white) - knob controller
Software Interface Charts of sensor data, high-quality photos Google Sheets (manual)
Ideal Course 7-14 CTE and Ag Courses K-12 General Science Courses

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Looking for help and inspiration form your peer MARSfarm users? Look no further than our MARSfarm Forums! Our community, made up of students, teachers, scientists, and industry experts. Looking for help and inspiration form your peer MARSfarm users? Look no further thanachers, scientists, and industry.

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