About MARSfarm.

MARSfarm provides educational solutions to help teachers increase student engagement with STEM. We aim to inspire students to become future problem solvers. With a long-term vision of identifying the most suitable crops for research in deep space, our kits will enable hands-on learning about everything from plant physiology to computer science while educating the next generation of problem-solvers.

Our story

MARSfarm was founded when Drew Thomas and Peter Webb met at a maker-space in St. Louis. They immediately bonded over their love of agriculture, robotics, space, and education. After a couple of long conversations, they both realized that there was more work to be done if more students would be able to access technologies that could bring farming into the classroom in an engaging way; thus became MARSfarm. 

Meet the Team

Peter Webb

CEO & Co-Founder

Peter’s background STEMs from databases and DIY prototyping. Peter graduated from the University of Missouri St. Louis with a business degree in Information Systems. He has been practicing project-based learning all of his life. Peter believes that the best way to teach is to create an environment that is optimal to grow and learn, just like our kits!

This image shows our company's COO

Drew Thomas

COO & Co-Founder

Drew’s background STEMs from technical design and manufacturing. Drew studied engineering at Missouri S&T and later went on to study scaled manufacturing at Ranken. He brings his love of space exploration and responsible agriculture to the team. Fun fact: in a typical romantic startup move, Drew converted his entire apartment to house and operate all of MARSfarm’s equipment.