The MARSfarm Kit.
explore. learn. grow.

Have you ever wondered how it would be possible to grow food in space or colonize Mars? Well this is a great place to start.

This project-based learning kit, opens up a world of possibilities to learn about everything from plant physiology to computer science. Its goal is to get students engaged with STEM subjects while also inspiring them to become future problem solvers.

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Our software is internally “hackable” to allow for tangible coding lessons. Though designed to work best with our hardware, it’s also 100% open source to allow for creative expansion. 

The software being run on the MARSfarm is the same software used for the MVP, however if there are any problems, we will provide tech support!


The MARSfarm comes with an easy to assemble frame and brain consisting

  1. The Raspberry Pi 3B,
  2. 4-gang relay with power supply in a sturdy case
  3. Plug and play temperature/humidity sensor
  4. Webcam to monitor plant growth

All of the electronics you need, ready to go!


Why get asked all the time... why Mars? We answer with... why not Mars? If you can grow plants there, you can grow plants anywhere! We also use Mars the vehicle to drive student engagement.


Our curriculum is aligned with NGSS and is designed/reviewed by curriculum specialists. The goal of this curriculum is to provide real world application to STEM principles, with the end goal being a potential career in STEM.


Besides growing minds and engagement rates in the classroom, you will also be growing your fair share of plants! Since the MARSfarm is a controlled environment, you can grow year round and use the scientific method to modify your experiments.

What You'll Receive

Along with the hardware and software, you will receive a year’s worth of curriculum and consumables. This is everything you’ll need to start growing in your classroom. The kit will also come with assembly instructions to make the build as easy and carefree as possible. Lastly, being a customer of MARSfarm, you will be part of the family. We truly care about your experience and want to make sure that your students are benefiting from our products. If there are ever any problems with the software or curriculum, our line is always open!